My New House [Moving Day]

If you have been keeping up with me on YouTube or Instagram you know that I just moved into a new house! I’m so excited to be out of Downtown LA and into a beautiful new house, my loft was beautiful and it photographed so well, but it also got no light and I felt like I was living in a well. Plus there were a few other problems with that building, so I’m glad to be moving onto a new house that is open, spacious, and much more me!

Instagram Editing Secrets: How I Actually Edit My Instagram Photos

Hey guys! Today’s post is all about getting the perfect picture for Instagram! I get so many comments about how I edit my instagram [ESPECIALLY after my How to Look Good In Every Picture: 10 New Instagram Secrets video] Since you guys asked me to do an updated ‘How I edit my photos for Instagram’ post that’s […]

How To Only Pack A Carry On – 11 Pro Packing Secrets

Hey guys! Today’s post is all about how to only pack a carry on / how to pack a suitcase! I’m sharing with you how to pack like a pro and get the MOST in the LEAST amount of space! These are the best packing tips I’ve learned over my years of constant traveling! They’ll help with travel anxiety, help you be more organized and help you pack less!