How to Find Your Personal Style

Today’s post is all about finding your personal style! Fashion + style are two of my biggest passions. I’ve been creating fashion videos on YouTube for 5 years, I’ve had a style blog for 4 years, and now this is the first year that I’ve actually begun designing a clothing line [bee-tee-dubs, I still can’t […]


Hey guys! This topic is something that is very personal to me, considering perfectionism has been something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I’m literally struggling with it right now as I attempt to write this article- I want it to be worded perfectly, I want it to convey the perfect points, I want it to be the perfect mix […]


Well, I already failed with the posting schedule for The Little Things. To be fair, my first post preeeetty much predicted that I would. At least I’m consistent? Haha, only I would spin a lack of posting into me somehow being reliable #PositivePatty. TBF [to be fair, but I already said that, so the abbrev makes […]