How To Only Pack A Carry On – 11 Pro Packing Secrets

Hey guys! Today’s post is all about how to only pack a carry on / how to pack a suitcase! I’m sharing with you how to pack like a pro and get the MOST in the LEAST amount of space! These are the best packing tips I’ve learned over my years of constant traveling! They’ll help with travel anxiety, help you be more organized and help you pack less!

Traveling can be stressful when you feel like you’re living out of a suitcase. These are my best packing tips to feel more organized + less stressed. These are my travel essentials when I’m packing and how I pack the most into small spaces!

These are the actual tips I use to pack my suitcase / how I only pack a carry on when I travel.

How To Only Pack A Carry On - 11 Pro Packing Secrets
Top: Varley, Leggings: Alo, Shoes: Nike

Packing cubes have changed my life! I use them for clothing organization and storage. They save so much space and keep me organized! This way you can pack MORE clothes in smaller spaces!

I use smaller bags to separate the rest of my suitcase. This saves time and space! You can pack more into the smaller bags / fit them in more places in the suitcase and also your bag is so much more organized when you are traveling / going through TSA etc. You’ll never have to deal with repacking all of your stuff again!

I separate my compartments by function. I have a bag just for skincare, a bag for toiletries, a bag for makeup and makeup brushes, a bag for my technology [phone charger, camera, usb cords, etc]. This way I ALWAYS know where everything is and I’m never searching through my suitcase or stressed. This way I can also grab a bag and quickly get ready!

You’re allowed a carry on and a personal item, but this doesn’t have to be just a purse. You can actually bring a duffel bag as your personal item which gives you WAY more space to pack into! I’ll pack my laptop in here and accessories like hats etc.

I pack my smaller purse inside of my duffel bag and then I will fill that purse as well. I’ll put the stuff I actually want on me during the flight- a phone charger, headphones etc- and then i can just take this out when I get on the plane and wear that.

I do this if I’m going on vacation or a longer trip. I’ll pack an empty bag [beach bag, neverfull] on top of the stuff in my suit case / laying flat on top. This way you can have this bag to use during your trip!

We tend to want to pack options during a trip, but this takes up so much room in your suitcase! I pack specific outfits for occasions and then I’ll also pack an extra outfit or two for in case I want to feel more comfortable. This way I have any type of outfit for how I want to feel, not a ton of options to create the look. I’ll usually pack the outfits I know I’ll wear, and then throw in an extra comfy shirt or leggings to wear if I want to chill.

Sticking to a color palette ensures that you can wear more of your pieces together. You can bring less when everything matches!

I pack pieces that go well with each other so I can bring less. I’ll usually pack only 2 pairs of shoes and then my dressier option can go with all of my outfits. I’ll pack one pair of leggings and then tops that go with all of these leggings, etc. Pack things that pair well with the rest of your stuff!

I wear the heaviest layers on the flight with me. Sweatpants, a jacket, gym shoes- things I know Ill want to have during the trip, but take up a ton of room in a carry on. I’m also cold on flights so this is perfect for what to wear on a flight!

I tend to plan my looks to be similar so I dont need to pack every single hair tool, Ill pack only a curling iron or a straightener. I wont pack a blow dryer because hotels have one. If Im going to my parents house I wont pack pajamas because they have extra clothes for me. Try to eliminate what you can!

9 thoughts on “How To Only Pack A Carry On – 11 Pro Packing Secrets

  1. This article is just what I needed as I’m traveling to NY next month but only want to bring a carry-on. Thank you. Your YouTube videos are so good, btw! Funny, informative/helpful, and stylish!

  2. Ogechi Achunine says:

    I really like your YouTube videos and this one was particularly helpful. How was your trip to Toronto btw? Hugs from Northern California ❤

  3. Packing cells are the biggest game changer, I love them, makes traveling a breeze. Great tip only pack want your going to wear not options, so true.

  4. The packing cubes are a really interesting idea – I haven’t come across those before. I’m going on a long haul flight soon and even though my suitcase will be pretty big I still might look into them to make the most of the space I have!

  5. Alicia Brainerd says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I love all of your packing ideas. Outfits- not options! Love the black sunglasses- these are a must where did you get them

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