Home Decor Wishlist: White Marble

white marble home decor

I finally finished my closet/home office makeover! Now that I am tackling the rest of the house, I put together this wishlist for all things white marble, which you know is my favorite! There are so many options these days from side tables to tissue boxes, notebooks to bedding! See some of my favorite finds in this post.

The Ultimate Spring Trends Shopping Guide!

Have you seen my new spring trends video yet? These are some of the biggest trends you’ll be seeing [or have already seen!] in spring clothing. I put together the ultimate shopping guide categorizing each trend and giving you tons of options! Click thru to shop my favorite styles now.

Shopping Guide: White Marble

white marble

If you know me that means you know I love anything neutral – and for my home, you know that means white marble! I put together a shopping list of a bunch of white marble things, which range from side tables to notebooks and phone chargers! There are an abundance of white marble items out there […]