You know that I’m constantly switching up my nail designs + trying out new looks.
This week’s manicures is one of my favorite yet!


I love white marble- my coffee table is white marble, my youtube banner is white marble. I mean, it’s all of my favorite colors and instagram theme all rolled into one. Of course I love it. So it was only a matter of time until it made its way on to my nails!

My manicure is a gel manicure with two coats of white gel polish. Once the white polish was done, my nail artist used- wait for it- a permanent marker to create the marble design. What?! Crazy, right? We’ve all seen the marble nails created by dropping polish into water, but this version was done with a marker and some water.

To replicate: First she drew a black line with a permanent marker, then she sprayed water over it with a spray bottle. The marker began to run + turned that light grey color that you now see on the nails. She continued this process until we were happy with the design!

She finished with a gel top coat to set the marker.

Hope you guys enjoyed this polish post! Would love to know if you recreate this look!

Today’s post is all about finding your personal style! Fashion + style are two of my biggest passions. I’ve been creating fashion videos on YouTube for 5 years, I’ve had a style blog for 4 years, and now this is the first year that I’ve actually begun designing a clothing line [bee-tee-dubs, I still can’t believe that I can say that]. Whether you’re someone who loves fashion or someone who doesn’t know where to even start, I hope my post can you help be more comfortable in your style!

I have always loved fashion. I remember being seven years old + drawing up the designs for what I wanted to be my fashion line. I wore a gold lamé 2 piece + a tiara to school on my 8th birthday- apparently sparkles have always been my thing. But I didn’t know they were always my thing. In fact, I didn’t know that I had this extremely identifiable style until I started blogging! It wasn’t until I began posting regular photos of my outfits + reading your comments that I began to understand what I was ‘known for’. I would receive hundreds of messages and pictures of something sequined with messages like ‘this screams Carly’ ‘this is so you’ and I would be like *GASP*- that IS so me! I AM obsessed with sparkles! I DO always wear black! I’ve always known what I liked, but you guys really helped me label what I would call my personal style [I’d call it casual glamour].


I tell you guys this because that’s how fashion and personal style should be. You should be sticking to pieces that make you feel great. Is there any particular fabric you just love? Sequins, Flannel, Denim? My favorite thing about personal style is that it let’s you show the world who you want to be. You get to communicate so much about who you are as a person without even saying a word. My top two questions I would ask when it comes to style are-

1. Is there a specific way you want to feel when you get dressed? [confident, comfortable?] 

2. Who do you want to be that day?

-When I ask ‘who do you want to be’ I mean dress for your dreams, not dress for other people’s acceptance.
Ex: Do you have a job interview coming up? Dress like the powerful business woman that you are! That’s the incredible thing about fashion: it allows you to feel the way you want to about yourself. It’s not about what you’re wearing, or who you’re wearing- it’s about how YOU feel when you’re in it. The right outfit or right dress can make you feel ready to take on the world. When you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin, you are unstoppable!


The key to finding your personal style isn’t necessarily about nailing down a specific look or title. It’s about knowing how you want to feel and knowing what pieces accomplish that. Here are some of my tips on finding what works for you + feeling great every day!

1. What do you want to be known as?
Each day you have a chance to decide who you want to be. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for pieces for work + other events!

2. How do you want to feel when you’re in the outfit?
Do you want to feel comfortable? Confident? Chic? When you’re looking for pieces that match the occasion you’re dressing for [work, dinners, events, etc] try to find pieces in that category that make you feel this way as well.



3. Find what works best for your body
It becomes much easier to dress yourself once you know what works best on your figure and how you like your body to look. For example: I KNOW that I like higher waisted pieces or looser fits. I’m not the biggest fan of my shape, so I like to accentuate my legs vs my hips. You’ll see me in a lot of dresses cinched at the waist, or in looser fits like tunics. I don’t like how I look in tighter, more body-con styles. I don’t even bother trying those types on! Find what works for you + stick to it.

For example: this romper is something that combines all of my favorites into one: high waisted, leg accentuating, waist defining, comfortable AND all black. It’s relaxed AND flattering!

4. Have go-to outfits
Have some staple looks in your closet that you know you feel great in. For me this is an LBD [or LBR!] and a couple more casual outfits. If I’m ever having an ‘off’ day, I know I feel great in these + I can throw them on in a rush.



I hope my tips on finding your style could help you! Do you know what your personal style is? Do you have any specific pieces that make you feel great when you’re wearing them? Let me know in the comments! Xx

Pieces from this outfit:
-> Romper
-> Ankle Boots
-> Hat
-> Bag

Today’s restaurant profile comes out of downtown LA. If you follow me on snapchat, you know that I lovingly refer to DTLA as District 13 [because it’s practically a war zone!] but there’s actually a ton of cute coffee and brunch spots buried within all the craziness. Zinc is one of those places!

WHAT: Zinc Cafe
WHERE: 580 S Mateo St. Los Angeles
TRY: Breakfast Avocado Toast + poached eggs. Breakfast potatoes.



DTLA has a bunch of great places to stop + grab coffee and this is definitely one of the cutest. Think of this as the hipster’s Urth Caffe, because Urth is just so mainstream + you liked Urth way before it became insta-famous.

If you follow me on snap, you’ve also definitely seen me complain about this place. I went in after breakfast hours and asked for avocado toast, only to be told they didn’t have any and, despite the restaurant having both bread AND avocados, I couldn’t order it. Double you tee eff. I then saw avocado toast in the cafeteria style line and when I asked what exactly that special item was called, they looked at me and in all dead seriousness said:

“That’s our lunch avocado toast. You asked if you could have the breakfast avocado toast”.

I can’t.
[..but I can, and I am].

My favorite part: besides the fact that I can get avocado toast + a french press, I can GRAM the coffee the size of my face because THE TABLES ARE ALREADY GREY! You heard me. So on brand right now.

Downfall: No wifi. In all fairness, not many brunch restaurants typically have wifi, but I only mention the lack of it because otherwise I would definitely spend my work-from-home days out on their terrace posted up with MacDaddy + some coffee refills. The sadness.

Let me know if you try Zinc or any of my other brunch favs!




If you’re anything like me, that’s definitely what you’re thinking right now [I mean, I created the #BrunchIsMyFavoriteHoliday hashtag to commemorate just HOW MUCH I love brunch!]

If you live in LA or have plans to visit soon, this post is perfect for you!

WHAT: Square One Dining
WHERE: 4854 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles
TRY: Portobello Benedict



Square One is one of my favorite default spots in LA. There’s patio seating, the food is incredible and the coffee is strong and on refill– you’re basically set for life.

My favorite? The portobello benedict. Omg. My favorite eggs benedict yet. I tried to switch out the frisee for bacon + they weren’t having it. My friend was like: ‘did you just try to switch out salad for bacon?’ Yes. Yes I did. Regardless, still my favorite. It’s THAT good!

PRO TIP: try to get there before 10:30am otherwise you will definitely be waiting in line.
PRO PRO TIP: if you still haven’t found a crew of friends that are down with sharing all of their entrees, that’s rude, but at least try to get them to make baby steps! Order french toast for the table- their french toast with seasonal hot toppings [fruits that are currently in season] is always BOMB.

Happy brunching!

Backpacks have been my jam this season. I love being able to have a ton of stuff on me but have the flexibility of not having to actually hold it. I tend to keep my laptop with me during the day, and girl- there is no way I’m holding that in a bag on my arm. Hayell. No.


We’re not talking about your old Jansport here [except I’m going to pretend I’m cool because I had a black North Face backpack when I was in school. How fancy of me.] We’re talking about fashion backpacks. And the invention of fashion backpacks have been a lifesaver. I can fit my laptop, my planner [yes, I carry a physical planner] as well as all of my other electronics and throw it on my back and call it fashion. Yasssss. Here are some of my favorite backpacks for fall! bestfallbackpacks 1. Rebecca Minkoff: Julian 
2. Rebecca Minkoff: Mini MAB
3. Kate Spade: Charley 
4. Aldo Backpack
5. Grafea: Leather Hari

Are you as into backpacks as I am? Let me know!

Hey guys! This topic is something that is very personal to me, considering perfectionism has been something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I’m literally struggling with it right now as I attempt to write this article- I want it to be worded perfectly, I want it to convey the perfect points, I want it to be the perfect mix between witty and serious. Backspace, backspace, backspace. Delete, delete, delete. Before I know it, it’s been thirty minutes and I still haven’t written a complete sentence.

I believe that perfectionism and passion are inherently intertwined- it’s pretty obvious that you deeply care about something if you want it to be the best that it can be. Don’t get me wrong- there is absolutely nothing wrong with striving to do your best. I absolutely think that you should try your hardest in the situations put in front of you. Whether it’s a paper assigned in a class, a job you’re currently at, a chore that your parents have given you— you should do it to the best of your ability. There is, however, a difference between the best of your ability and needing to do the task perfectly..

Passion strives to create.
Passion encourages growth.
Passion pushes you forward.

Perfectionism inhibits experimentation.
Perfectionism leads to procrastination.
Perfectionism paralyzes you with fear.


I’m passionate about design, style and pretty much any form of communication. I’m also passionate about sharing my experiences with my viewers. My struggle with perfectionism literally stops me from doing the things that I love most: creating. expressing. communicating. Instead of focusing on what I’m doing, I’m focusing on how I’m doing it. Perfectionism ultimately changes passion into process and it causes you to spend more time thinking about how the end result will look vs why the end the result matters. I almost didn’t film my break up story because I was so concerned with wording it just right! I finally woke up and said to myself ‘the point isn’t that you deliver a beautiful speech. The point is that this experience could help somebody else’.

Ultimately what I’ve learned is that perfectionism is rooted in pride.

You might be thinking right now- hold on Carly. Pride? I’m sitting here feeling bad about myself and you’re telling me that is pride?!


Perfectionism turns joy from passion into a negative focus on yourself [It’s still selfish, regardless if the focus is positive or negative].


We start to worry about how others will view our work, if it will be good enough, if WE will be good enough. Often times we end up completely avoiding what we want to do, because we’d rather not do it at all if it can’t be ‘perfect’ -which, by the way, is borderline crazy. ‘If I can’t do it perfectly, I won’t do it at all!’ right- because 0% is so much better than 85%. [I’m no math whiz, but I think it’s pretty obvious which one is actually better there].

But that’s the lie that perfectionism tells you: that it can be perfect, and it shouldn’t exist if it isn’t. The title of this article is ‘how to not be perfect’, and that’s because I want to break the very lie that perfectionism tries to tell you:

This can be perfect.
This should be perfect.
I don’t want people associating me with something that is not perfect.

You are not perfect.
You can not be perfect.
You will never be perfect.
And that should be so freeing!

Once you realize that there is no perfect moment, or perfect way to do things you are free to truly start embracing your passions and living your life free of an impossible standard. Your desire to do what you love well should not stop you from doing what you love completely. If you feel fear and perfectionism beginning to creep in, ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I need to do this task well?

If it’s a paper for school, do you need to outline the points you’ll be writing? It’s always best to organize and write down what you already have. Jot down the points you want to make. Begin to fill in what thoughts you’ll use to support this argument. You can edit something that is there, but you absolutely can’t hand in a blank page.

If you want to film videos, do you have a camera that works? Are you filming somewhere with decent lighting?

You might think that you can’t start a youtube channel without professional equipment, or your waiting for the ‘right time’. You will miss out on so much if you wait for the ‘perfect time’ to start your channel! I have had my channel for 5+ years, and I can tell you that I haven’t felt that any of my videos have been perfect. Some days I want to go and delete all of my videos. You won’t grow into who you want to be unless you start with who you are.

2. What is holding you back?

Are there some materials you need that you don’t have? Are you not as prepared as you should be? ..or are you just afraid of the result? Are you afraid of failing?

If the answer to the question is fear over how it will look to others:

Take a deep breath.
Remind yourself that you can’t be perfect.
Take baby steps.
Start creating.
Because something is always better than nothing.

carlycristman2 Photography: Tomas Martinsen

Have you ever struggled with perfectionism? Is it holding you back from something you’ve always dreamed of? Let me know in the comments if this is something you’ve dealt with too!

Side note: I initially wrote this post a few weeks back for another site I was contributing to. I wrote a series of personal articles there that I thought I would share here with all of you directly. If you enjoy these articles / want me to film videos on these subjects, let me know!


Well, I already failed with the posting schedule for The Little Things. To be fair, my first post preeeetty much predicted that I would. At least I’m consistent? Haha, only I would spin a lack of posting into me somehow being reliable #PositivePatty.

TBF [to be fair, but I already said that, so the abbrev makes it different] I was traveling for the first week of July + this past week I’ve had guests from out of town staying with me, sOoO *insert excuses* *cut me some slack* *live laugh love*

I’ve made the executive decision to not combine the two weeks, but to stick to my original post guidelines + focus on the last week: July 5th-July12. Let’s do this!

1. I was in Chicago last Sunday + was able to spend the day out sailing on Lake Michigan with some of my favorite people. I had been looking forward to this trip for weeks! Mike, mike, mike! What day is it?! BOOOOAT DAYYYYYYY! It was nice to just go off the grid for the weekend and really enjoy my time with people I love. I brought one of my girl friends from LA back home with me for the weekend to hang out + restaurant hop. We went to the sox game with my family, drank root beer beer with my brother [omg sooo good], watched fireworks all over the city from a rooftop, spent sunday sailing with one of my closest friends, etc. The whole weekend was such a high for me- great friends, great food, great experiences. You can watch a video I made from my weekend here. Already excited for my trip back to Chicago next month for the Create + Cultivate conference!


2. I hit the ground running the day that I got back from my vacation in Chicago. I had multiple meetings the first day I was back in LA + one of them was for my upcoming clothing line. I wasn’t aware that I would be seeing any pieces, so it was a complete surprise when they brought out the tags + a first sample. It was such an emotional moment for me to see what we had been working on for months- and what I have been dreaming about for years- actually right in front of my eyes. I may or may not have started crying when they handed me the samples!



Yes, that is a fully sequin two piece set. It’s like glam athletic wear. Like, girl I know you wanna wear work out clothes to the mall, here’s the fabulous version. I designed all of the separates in my line so that they would be mix / match- this top would go great with shorts / pants already in your closet, chill t shirts would look great with these pants, etc. I wanted them to be as versatile and relaxed as possible, while still reflecting my love for all things sparkly. These last few days have been unreal for me, just waking up and thinking ‘what do I want to wear today-oh, jk I know. That thing I always wished I had in my closet? IT EXISTS NOW!”.


3. I had a meeting with some of my favorite women from Stylehaul + we both almost started crying because it was such a surreal moment for me. I’ve been with Stylehaul since the very beginning and Stephanie was the first woman who ever truly believed in me. I still remember the day she called me to tell me that she was flying me to New York for my first hosting job, and four years later we were able to stand side by side together with me wearing the first design from my clothing line. She’s been my biggest supporter for the last few years and words truly cannot express how much that has meant to me! These women truly feel like my family- [a very well dressed family] who not only push me to go after my goals, but help chase after them with me.


4. My transformation into the real-life Elle Woods is officially complete. Stephanie gave me these gorgeous neon pink Christian Louboutin heels + they could not be any more perfect. These make me smile more than just because they’re beautiful shoes [and such a beautiful gift]. Coming right after posting ‘My Breakup Story’ and having you all write such positive, encouraging comments to me- and comparing it to the breakup story in Legally Blonde- makes me laugh AND feel overwhelmingly loved. So, these are my Elle Woods shoes: ‘Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed’.


5. My little brother flew in from Chicago to spend the weekend visiting me in LA + I could not have had a better weekend. We grew up watching baseball together, so we obviously had to go to a Dodgers game. We went to In N Out, got matching watches, stayed up all night ordering food + watching Portlandia, went coffee shop hopping, tried Pho + he even got his first tattoo! It was so amazing to go off the grid + spend a weekend just hanging out with my brother. My heart is so happy!

I guess you could say this was a big family week for me. From Chicago to LA, my real family + my working family. I’m surrounded by people who support me and constantly push me to be a better version of myself, and for that I am so grateful.

Did you guys try out writing down the positive moments from your week? Did you see how awesome your week really was? I swear writing this list out is helping me be a more thankful person for all of the moments. I would love to encourage you to start by sharing some of your experiences with me in the comments! Talk to you soon! Xx


Just putting this out there to begin with: this is going to be a new type of post for me.

New is good, right? I think so. I mean. No one really gets excited when you say ‘I’m about to give you something old!’ [unless you’re one of those naturally cool, hip people who gravitate towards vintage things, collect eclectic ish and brew your own beer, and in that case, I don’t know how you ended up on my blog]. So let’s try something new. Kind of.

Actually, an old concept is what brings up today’s post. Something old, something new. It must be wedding season.

I was at post-church dinner last night and my friend Morgan + I were discussing our journals, in particular, I was discussing my One Line A Day journal. You know, that journal that I pimped so hard during Vlogmas? The one where your only job is to write literally one line about your day? Yeah, I couldn’t even commit to writing one freaking line for more than three months. I was telling her how I fell off the wagon for a little bit back in February, and then I reasoned with myself that I absolutely could not go back to writing in this journal because I had already ruined the entire concept. I had missed a week. I couldn’t remember the details of those days, those days would be left blank, the journal was completely ruined, my life was a mess, better to just completely give it up and admit defeat, blah blah.

And then I realized how much this common thread dictates so much of my life. It’s the same with my blog and my youtube channel [you know this about me if you’ve watched My Youtube Struggle]. ‘I haven’t posted for a week, I can’t post now, I don’t have perfect pictures, I don’t have the perfect words, I’d rather post nothing than post something sub-par’ all the blahs.

Then I started to think that a lot of people probably feel this way about their faith, or about God in general. That they can’t possibly go back to praying, or come to God, because they’ve gone too far. They’re not good enough, they don’t know what to say, they’ve been away from prayer too long, they couldn’t possibly be accepted. And my response to them would be no matter how long you’ve been away, or how imperfect you feel like you are, you can never do anything to make God not love you. You are never too far from God.

Unfortunately I could do things to make you guys no longer love me, so maybe the concept doesn’t directly apply to blogging. My struggle with perfectionism has definitely been teaching me a lot about my faith and in turn a lot about my work. Because you know what? What IS stopping me from writing in that journal? I CAN still pick it up and start, because I’m wrong. It IS better to have an imperfect record of my life, than no record at all.

So I did just that. I wrote in my journal last night. And I’m writing in my blog right now. And I’m going to write a post every single monday from here on out of five things that I’m grateful for right now [ok tbh, I might miss a monday. But if I do, I won’t give it up forever]. I want to do this for a myriad of reasons [ha! Myriad! What a word. I’d give myself a cookie for using it in a sentence but I already ate a cookie about 20 mns ago because I’m worth it].

1. It’s so easy to focus on the negatives in life. We spend so much our lives striving for goals/reaching new levels that we’re always focused on getting there instead of enjoying the little moments.
2. I tend to forget the positives. One of my closest friends, Rich, inspires me so much because he keeps a list with him of all the times God has shown up for him. I think that’s so insanely cool. I tend to celebrate in the moment, but then literally a week can pass and I’m like MY WHOLE LIFE IS A FAILURE!
3. I’m choosing Monday because I think writing a list of positives at the beginning of the week is the best way to start the next one. It’s going to frame my whole week in a positive light and help me search for the things I want to write about!
4. I’m calling it ‘the little things’ because that’s one of my favorite phrases. The list above is making me sound like a negative nancy, and I’m really not. I really do love all things little [and big and tall because obvi I don’t hate myself #giraffelyfe]. This is just my way of remembering what little things I loved all week long.

Wow, I made a list about why I’m making a list. Can you tell that I’m a perfectionist?

Also, I’m getting anxiety that this post is so long already and has no pictures at all. There is a good chance that only 7% of my original audience has made it to this point. I suck at optimization [this post is supposed to be positive, and I’m already picking apart everything that I’m doing wrong. STOOOOOOOP ITTTTTTT. Oh my gosh, I sound like Dobby. You know when Dobby is hitting himself in the head and shouting ‘BAD DOBBY!!’ -that is me. Every day of my life].

Now that absolutely no one is left reading, here we go!


1. I’m thankful that I have a job that I can work from home and take off days if I need to. I absolutely hate not working, but I’ve had some health struggles this last month / was in the hospital on monday / did absolutely zero things most of this week because of it. I was sitting on my couch feeling so sick, just thinking about how great it was that I could be sitting on my couch. I’m very aware that everyone doesn’t have that same opportunity, and if this is the worst that I have it, I’m going to be just fine.

SIDE NOTE: I’m also thankful for people who leave work / rush to the hospital when they hear that you’re not feeling the greatest, get you food and make sure you get home safe. Kim, you are the sweetest friend ever + I’m so thankful for you!

2. Sprinkles peanut butter cookies. Lolololol so not serious compared to my last one, but really. Have you ever had them? My friend had a baby this past week [supes chill, she’s having children, I’m blogging about cookies #adultmoments] but I went to get Sprinkles for them to celebrate + of course that meant buying food for myself. Omg, I love peanut butter cookies. PS. If you’re the type of person who picks Oatmeal Raisin cookies out of all the cookies available, I don’t trust you. Just sayin’.

3. I had a really cool moment this weekend with God. I was trying to put together this gift basket for my friend [the one who had a baby, yes, the one who delivered another human this week, let me keep soaking in how much less stress I’ve had to deal with] anyways, I kept hearing in my head all day ‘give your first fruits’. If you’re not familiar with this phrase, it’s a biblical reference meaning to give your best away. It’s easy to keep your money to yourself, but less easy to give to others. Anyways, I kept hearing this over and over in my head when I was thinking about what to get for them. My friends are full time missionaries, so they don’t have an income outside of what people support them in. Being new parents would be hard financially for any couple, but especially if you don’t know where or when your money is coming! I decided to get them gift cards [visa, target etc] so they could use them for anything they might need during these next few months- diapers, baby clothes, groceries, date nights, whatever. I also made my friend a mom box, filled with things she could treat herself with since she’s probably exhausted [I mean HELLO! She just had a baby! That’s hard work!] Here’s what the box looked like [just because this post desperately needs more photos]-


Anyways, I left Target + tweeted a photo of this moment that was like ‘You know how some people say they spent like, a thousand dollars in target? Bc no literally, I just did’ [I hate that I have to clarify this, but it’s the internet so: I’m not saying this for any type of compliment / pat on the back, because I do not want that at all] I’m saying it because I want you to get the full picture of how cool this next moment is-

I ended up giving them this present on Sunday / went directly to church afterwards where one of the big messages of the night was about giving your best financially, giving your first fruits, and God’s blessings because of these gifts.



And then afterwards I checked my inbox, and even though it was Sunday, a day when typically no one is writing work emails, I had a new email. The email was about setting up a meeting to discuss how to get my clothing line picked up in stores / publicity for it, from someone who doesn’t have to help me- they’re just choosing to.

Tears. God is so good. These are the moments I need to remember. These are the moments you can’t make up- but I can write down! BABY STEPS! [hahahah baby steps omg I’m talking about babies] [hoooomygosh I have no life]

4. Speaking of my clothing line, my freaking CLOTHING LINE is a not so little thing I’m so pumped about. I got the final sketches this week and legitimately could have cried looking at them. I didn’t cry, bc, you know, I’m bro like that. But I could have. They are so perfect. I remember being a little girl, drawing up pictures of what I wanted my future fashion line to be. I literally spent so much time just drawing out what I would have my name look like if it were to ever be on a tag. These were real thoughts I had as a child, and now they are actually happening. My dreams are literally coming true. That is so insane to be able to say that out loud!


5. OMG I HAVE ANOTHER CRAZY ONE. I was on E! News again this week! Wow hey I have so much to be grateful for and at the beginning of this I was like ‘ho hum what am I finna write about!?’ I HAVE SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT. Yep, these posts are a good idea.




Anyways, I’m grateful for this moment because shooting with E! is so wonderful. It’s not that I’m just thankful to be on television, because it’s not that superficial. You can find a bunch of ways to get on TV if that’s your end goal. I’m thankful that I get to shoot with such a wonderful team and that I get to enjoy the process so much. The fact that it’s for a major network just makes it that much sweeter.

6. I lied. Hahahaha I can’t just do five. This week was the debut of my first time acting! Maybelline + Stylehaul produced a web series called Vanity [imagine Gossip Girl + Pretty Little Liars] and they gave little old me a part in an episode. The show stars Denise Richards, Karrueche Tran / was directed by the wonderful AND Emmy award winning Bernie Su, so it was definitely a great first experience in the acting world.


Here’s a photo of me playing Cynthia, the baddest b**** on the show. But really, this character was pretty unlike me since she pushes people around [literally]. I kept apologizing to Alex [the actress who plays Lily / the actress I practically assaulted] because I felt so uncomfortable having to push her! I was like ‘are you ok walking backwards? Are you okay doing this in heels? Omg I’m so sorry!’ Shoving aside, it was a really fun experience!

I received SO many thoughtful texts the day the episode premiered- thank you to everyone who sent me such supportive messages! You made my day! If you’d like to see my episode, you can watch it here.

7. OKAY LAST ONE I PROMISE. I was going to end on 6 but then I saved this post as a draft + as I was proof reading it I saw the ad on the side of my blog that said ‘Invest in Yourself. Create Cultivate Chicago August 15’

Yeeeeeeah I’m speaking at that conference.
I have an ad running on my website..
..for a conference that I’m speaking at.

This is not real life. What the heck is this list. What the heck are these moments.


If you’re not sick of me talking and you happen to be in Chicago on August 15th, you can come to the conference! It’s all about entrepreneurialism, creating a digital brand and finding your voice on social media. If you’re interested in attending, you can read more about it here.


This blog post was MUCH longer than I thought it was going to be! I was kind of feeling meh about the last week and now I’m like ‘I can’t believe I thought nothing happened. Last week was amazing. God is so good. What is my life’ I highly encourage you to write out things that you were thankful for this past week, because it really reminds you just how awesome life is! If you guys would like to see this type of post as a video, let me know! xx


This post is incredibly exciting for me because I have been working on a special project for weeks + the time to reveal it to you is finally here! One of my most received comments is that you guys love seeing the more professional side of me- I wanted to take you along with me on one of my most exciting projects yet..

Sunglass Hut not only asked me to be in a shoot with them, but to also creatively direct it. First off: Sunglass Hut is an obvious fit for me. I LIVE in sunglasses. I’m pretty sure that people recognize me more with my sunglasses on vs off. But the ability to not only be in a shoot with such a well known company, but to also direct it, style it AND pick the people who were doing the shoot? Unreal. These are moments that are defining in a creative business. The moment when a company not only loves your look, but loves your entire creation. It’s not about just being a name or having a certain amount of followers- it’s the brand seeing that you have a distinct creative vision, identifying with that vision and saying that they want to align with it. That’s epic. That should be celebrated.














This shoot was also a huge moment for me because it I decided to test out a video idea that I have been wanting to produce forever. The video follows me around for a day in my life [in true vlog fashion] [and on a day where I had a huge job so you could see more into the professional side] but it also combines my love for elevated + beautifully shot content. This has been my vision for all of my vlogs and this was the first time I had the real chance to make it happen.

Special thanks to: Sunglass Hut, Stylehaul, Kim Perplies, Needle + Thread, Tacori, Windsor, Berri Goldfarb PR, Dan Marker-Moore, Jodee Debes + Bryan Whitely

It truly takes a team + I’m so blessed to have so many wonderful people on mine. Thank you for helping make my vision come together! The video goes live tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait for you to see it!

Happy Mother’s Day, or as we call it in my family.. Happy Nurse Day! My mom is one of a kind- she’s passionate about God and her family, unbelievably caring, hilarious and incredibly generous [seriously, she would give you anything you say that you need. My mom has supplied clothes / food / purses / anything else you can think of to pretty much all of Chicago at this point]. You know how everyone says they have the best mom? Well, I really DO have the best mom. She’s been the best example for me on how to trust God in everything and to selflessly love others -all while singing along to some rap music :)


If you’ve watched my vlog channel, you know it’s impossible to be around my mom and not be laughing. Thank you to everyone who wished her a happy mother’s day- you guys are basically my extended family + your sweet comments are always appreciated!

I thought I would tell you guys the gifts I decided to get for the moms in my life this year- as you know I’m currently in LA so I can’t celebrate with my mom today, but I’ll be back in Chicago next week [I’m coming for you, Barbara!]

My mom has told me how badly she wanted a bracelet from Coordinates Collection, so for mother’s day I had a bracelet custom made with the coordinates of our family’s home + her birthstone. If you’re unfamiliar with Coordinates Collection, you can create a custom bracelet [shape, size, metal, stone] with the coordinates to any location you want. It’s a great gift for more sentimental occasions like this!




I know when I said ‘moms’ previously in my post, you were probably like ..who are you talking about?! But another very important mom in my life is my manager, Reesa! Reesa has practically been my second mom for the last 4 years and has helped me become the business woman that I am today. She’s celebrated major milestones with me- walking in a show at fashion week and being at my first fashion week to now signing with E! and so much more.


I got to hang out and go shopping with Reesa in NYC two weeks ago + she mentioned to me that she wanted some new makeup brushes. My absolute favorite makeup brushes are by Sigma, especially their Sigmax line for foundation [they’re the most dense, wonderful brushes ever. If you only buy yourself a few makeup brushes, get. these. Seriously. Foundation game soo strong]. I convinced her to get airbrush foundation while we were shopping together, so I’m sending her some Sigmax brushes to go with her new makeup :)

Are you celebrating Mother’s Day with your family today? I hope you guys have a wonderful day + remember to tell all of the women who are special to you how loved they are today and everyday! Xx