My Kitchen Makeover

Hey guys! Today I’m revealing our brand new kitchen! We did a complete kitchen makeover in this house – this ended up being a total gut renovation and I’m so excited to share the reveal with you. Huge thank you to Elkay® for partnering with me on today’s reveal! 

Here is a look at the original kitchen. The house was built in the 40’s, so the bones of this kitchen were almost 100 years old! The original soffits were still in place with lower, smaller top cabinetry in place. The fridge was off to the side of the kitchen with cabinetry built around it. The cabinets only allowed for a smaller fridge- this was not even a standard size fridge! The original kitchen had a floating stove in the middle of the room. It was also very brown- brown backsplash, brown countertops, even a brown sink! 

We had grand plans for this kitchen and I’m so excited with how it turned out. The first thing we did was knock out the cabinetry and the soffits. This raised the ceiling and allowed for much more functional cabinetry. We took the new cabinets all the way to the ceiling for maximum storage as well as visual appeal!

We knocked out the old backsplash and countertop and installed a combination counter / backsplash with calacatta laza quartz. I love this seamless, clean look- it’s so striking in a smaller space! It really adds drama and it’s also so functional- so much easier to clean without the grout lines of a tile backsplash.

Now on to the star of this project – the Elkay Fireclay Farmhouse sink! I’ve always dreamed about having a farmhouse sink, so that was at the top of my list when designing this kitchen. Elkay had the biggest selection of farmhouse sinks to choose from- we had very specific size limitations in our kitchen, and Elkay had so many different sizes and color options to choose from. We ended up selecting this exact sink- huge thank you to Elkay for providing this gorgeous sink and for sponsoring today’s post! I absolutely love how deep this sink is- it is perfect for our growing family and beyond stunning. To make maximum visual impact in this smaller space, we also chose this Avado Single Hold faucet in matte black  from Elkay. I absolutely love how striking the matte black looks in this smaller kitchen- plus the size of this faucet works perfectly with the overhead cabinetry! This faucet still has all of the functions we were looking for [like the pull down spray] while adding maximum visual impact.

The last thing that was a must have on our list was adding an island for both seating and storage. We knocked out the old floating stove and moved it back a few inches to make it into a much more functional walkway. We re-routed the stove to where the old, smaller fridge used to be and extended the kitchen so the fridge is now location on the other side. This set up is so much more functional while allowing for maximum counter space and storage. We thought about leaving the stove in the island, but this way really allowed us the maximum amount of counter space and cabinet storage- which was so needed in this smaller space!

We absolutely love how this kitchen makeover turned out. It has maximum storage without sacrificing style and we got so many of our dream kitchen items included in this makeover.

Thank you again to Elkay for partnering with me on today’s reveal!

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