My New House [Moving Day]


If you have been keeping up with me on YouTube or Instagram you know that I just moved into a new house! I’m so excited to be out of Downtown LA and into a beautiful new house, my loft was beautiful and it photographed so well, but it also got no light and I felt like I was living in a well. Plus there were a few other problems with that building, so I’m glad to be moving onto a new house that is open, spacious, and much more me!

I posted a couple of first looks on my YouTube channel so if you haven’t seen it – go check it out, below!



My movers were NorthStar Moving Company and it was the best moving experience I’ve ever had! The team showed up promptly at 8am, got everything loaded up so quickly and they brought so many helpful materials to pack up any extra loose items I had. I tried to pack my best the day before but there are always some odds and ends leftover, and they took care of them so well. They were so nice, so helpful, and so quick!

I also have a ton of really difficult pieces to transport- a glass desk, mirrored furniture, etc. and everything arrived in perfect condition! Bonus, they also helped to arrange the furniture for me too!

If you live in California and you’re looking for great & reliable movers, definitely use NorthStar Moving Company.

NorthStar Moving Company
(800) 275-7767

4 thoughts on “My New House [Moving Day]

  1. Sounds like they made the transition to your new home a breeze! I can’t wait to go watch the video of your new home 🙂 I loved your last space, so I’m excited to see how you decorated this one!

  2. i followed the whole moving process from instagram and youtube and i just can’t wait to see the complete house tour. you know after everything is all settled in.

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