Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be a gift guide for the holidays! The best gifts to me are gifts that are personal- and gifts that are useful. I personally love receiving things that I would always want, but wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for myself. I’ve decided today’s gift guide will be filled with items that could be beneficial to anyone!


Brushes- every woman could use new brushes in her beauty arsenal. From full sets to miniature editions [like the mini beauty blenders available in the check out line at sephora] this is a gift that most women would appreciate!
Skin care- Eye masks that are something that already appear glam, but this set from Iluminage actually DOES help bring the phrase ‘beauty sleep’ to life. This satin-soft eye mask [also available as silky pillow cases!] is infused with copper technology that has been proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It minimizes aging while promoting a more youthful appearance in as little as four weeks, making this the perfect gift for any of the females in your life- especially for any friends that tend to get less sleep or love skin care! They’re also running a promotion for 30% off for the holidays- use the code carly30 to get 30 percent off your order!

I personally love fragrance, but rarely let myself spend the money to buy myself new scents making this the perfect type of gift! Some of my favorite scents:
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille / Dior Addict for night [both dark, smoky vanillas]
Chloe for day [the original Chloe scent- clean and fresh]

Any kind of technology gifts are amazing because we all use it!
Portable Phone Chargers: you can never have too many of these, and so many people STILL don’t carry one. Help ensure that your friend texts you back by giving them no excuses
Headphones: I had personally been wanting beats headphones forever, but wouldn’t buy them for myself. My brother purchased them for me and I have used them non stop!

Candles are an easy gift that are always a welcomed addition. Who doesn’t want their home to smell nicely? Diptyque has beautiful candles + will be appreciated by the aesthetic driven, anthropologie also has some great options that double as decor!

When in doubt, this is a fail safe option as a gift. Gift cards to their favorite coffee shop will be a gift they will immediately use and love. Or you could do something nice and purchase a gift card for a spa treatment- who doesn’t love a massage or a mani / pedi?

Hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide!

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