Must Have Small Appliances For Your Kitchen

I wanted to share a little home update because we are still settling into our apartment. Between the wedding, having guests in town, being sick, and then the holidays it seems like things are finally calming down! We have been changing things up, we turned the guest room into our office and have started organizing everything. I have several home organization posts coming up!

One of the first rooms I wanted to organize was my kitchen. We don’t have a pantry or any storage areas for our larger items, but I ended up getting a shelf to easily display and access my various small appliances.

I use the items on this shelf all the time! I love using my Vitamix to make smoothies, and the Keurig I use almost every day for my morning coffee. I linked my must have small appliances for you to shop below. Are there any appliances you use all the time that you think I should get?

must have small appliances, minimal kitchen

Shop my kitchen:

4 thoughts on “Must Have Small Appliances For Your Kitchen

  1. Carly,
    I would suggest getting a small coffee bean grinder. Since you have, and use, a Keurig you wouldn’t use it for coffee beans, but it sure comes in handy for grinding herbs. I used to mince mine with a knife, but once I got my grinder it’s the only way I mince herbs now.
    By the way, i really miss you on YouTube.
    Bonnie Lee

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