What To Wear For Your Winter Getaway

Now that I’m back from our honeymoon, I’m already dying to get back to somewhere warm! Chicago is famous for their super cold winters, so you can’t blame me for daydreaming about warmer weather. I got a ton of questions when I posted some photos from my honeymoon, so I figured I’d share with you what I wore on our honeymoon! If you’re planning a winter getaway to escape the cold here are some outfit ideas for your next beach vacation.

DVF bathing suit, Do Not Disturb sun hat

This bathing suit is by DVF, it’s sold out so I’m linking some other options that I am loving. Right now I’m loving high waisted bikini bottoms! I think they’re so chic and very classic [a slight vintage touch.] And if you like to mix and match, I would recommend going with tops & bottoms that are neutral so you can easily swap styles around.

Devlin dress

I also loved be able to throw on an easy casual dress, and this cold shoulder dress was perfect for the beach! A lot of these dresses are also on sale right now since they are summer styles! So if you’re not going on a vacation soon, it’s still a great time to purchase for the upcoming summer.

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