New York Fashion Week 2015 Recap

If you guys follow my instagram / vlogs, you know that I was in NYC last week for Fashion Week. I originally wasn’t planning on going and then a whirlwind of events came together to bring me back for the most fabulous week in fashion [I literally decided 2 days ahead of time]. I was so excited that Ciroc wanted to partner with me for this week. They invited me to document my fashion week: my outfits, the shows, the parties and really bring you guys long with me for the full experience.

So, enough chatting for now- step into my circle for fashion week with these moments captured while in NYC..











What I love about these pictures is they don’t show how absolutely freezing it was in New York / how difficult it was to shoot these outfit photos. They only remind me of the great times- the fashion shows, the excitement, being reunited with so many people that I love. And that’s why I love blogging. It allows me to document my absolute favorite parts of life and focus on those memories. No amount of stress or rushing or freezing temperatures could stop me from having an amazing week and I’m so thankful that I ended up getting to go. Thank you to Ciroc for partnering with me for this peek inside of NYFW and thank you guys for always being so supportive- you are always a part of my circle 🙂


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