I feel like I blinked and woke up in March.

February is always the most insane month in my industry. Fashion month. Award Show season. And, if you’re me, also the perfect month to take on massive projects, like moving into a new place right in the middle of it all. My last month looked a little something like this-

I shot with HLN. Found out I actually was going to Fashion Week + compiled a month’s work of preparation into two days. Flew cross country, spent six freezing days in NYC jam packed with projects, meetings and events, all while shooting for my sites AND meeting up with old friends. Flew to Chicago to see my family for 12 hours, flew back to LA, landed at midnight to start working on my new apartment the next morning with a film crew. Went back to my old place to completely film, edit and post a video within two days, all while managing to pack up my entire closet + let the crew in and out of both spaces. Moved into my new place while having a 10 hour shoot day, followed by me spending the next morning sitting at a cafe, stalking wifi, so I could post the video I had just worked on the last two days. Spent the rest of the weekend creating instagrams for other brand’s accounts [no, not unpacking! working! duh] and then I hosted a group dinner at my apartment. Is your head spinning yet?

Sometimes I forget that I live in California between all the business. If you haven’t visited LA before, the actual city isn’t by the water. We’re not all surrounded by beaches, and the closest one to my old apartment was about 25 minutes away. Moving downtown has removed me even further from the West coast and is much more similar to a Chicago /  NYC vibe [minus the weather being the same every day, but other than that it’s seriously like living in a different world]. I have absolutely loved living in the city this last week, though I feel like I haven’t been doing much living if you know what I mean. I’ve been racing. Racing from project to project, with any free moment I have being dedicated to rapidly unpacking my place.

One of my personal goals this year has been to stress less and appreciate these moments more. Regardless of how busy I am or how stressed I get, I am living my dream. That’s not to say that the stress and work isn’t real, but I definitely am someone who is always jumping to the next project, and the next idea. Once I finish something, I’m immediately looking and planning for what I’m going to do next. It’s great for business, but being this way naturally means that I’m never truly in the moment because my brain is working on creating the next moments. My goal has been to slow down, shut off sometimes- and just be thankful for where I am.

So I took a break. Drove to the beach. And I loved every minute of it.















Photography by Jodee Debes

ROMPER: heartloom | CARDIGAN: alice + olivia | HAT: topshop | PURSE: she + lo 

 Hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a wonderful weekend. I have the first video shot from my new place completely edited, but am working on integrating a little surprise for you guys. I’m teaming up with another youtuber and my network to bring a giveaway for my viewers in that video. Just my way of taking a moment to appreciate all of you and to say thank you for supporting me- that’s something I never take for granted 🙂 Love you all! xx

8 thoughts on “BEACH DAY

  1. I watched your latest vlogs and I’m glad you managed to find some relaxation time. At least you got to hang out with your awesome mom for a bit! Like you, I’m always jumping from project to project but I find my mind is always sharper, even after an hour of reading or watching a show. Stepping back also allows you to take note of current events in the industry.

    That sequin cardigan looks like a dream. What is the inner fabric/lining like? I’m always scared of sequins being itchy.

  2. Well you stated 25 minutes from the beach ! That’s better that where I live. At least 3 hours lol I love the beach. i loved reading this post and the photos were so beautiful I could cry. I am so inspired by you. Found you in Jan. 2015 and so glade I did !!! hugs.

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