Today I’m sharing with you my New York fashion week Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 instant camera diary! I’ve been to NYFW the last 5 years [wow.. that is CRAZY] and each season- while technically similar- is always so different and holds so many memories for me. Even though this was a ‘work trip’, I left the city feeling so refreshed and energized. I had the best time [with the best friends!] in New York this past week and I already miss it.

This time around was pretty exciting to me because some of my best friends were also in town. It made my favorite city feel more like home because all of my people were there to enjoy it with me. I don’t know if you guys know this- but back when I got my first apartment I created a Instax board where I would take photos of everyone who came to my apartment. It was such a fun way for me to document all of the memories being made in my place. I wanted to recreate that concept this time at fashion week because that’s what I wanted to focus on: living in the moment, enjoying the memories + remembering my trip in a real, sentimental way [it also didn’t hurt that my camera is white + matches my theme].  Here is my Instax diary from nyfw!

I snapped photos from presentations all the way to dinners out with my friends + they had SUCH a fun time snapping with me. If you’re looking for a fun [and cute!] way to remember something, this is the way to go! I like this particular camera because even though it’s an instant camera, there are still controls that help you get the perfect picture in one take: it automatically calculates brightness [v helpful for shooting in any type of light- why I was able to snap pictures in dark restaurants, outdoors etc] and there’s even a self timer in case you want to get in a photo with all of your friends. There’s also a mirror next to the lens in case you’re looking to take photos of you and your friends selfie-style!

If you like my white Instax Mini 70 camera you can find it by clicking here!

5 thoughts on “MY NEW YORK DIARY

  1. I just discovered your website and I’m so happy you have one! I’m since a really long time a YouTube fan!
    Your videos, your style inspiration, your advices and great sense of humour makes my Thursday better every week!
    Thank you so much for everything!

    x Jolien from Belgium

  2. I loved the photos in this post. I am looking to invest in a great camera to take some really awesome blog posts with. When are launching your new clothing collections.

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