I decided that today’s post would be about some of my favorite skin care products since I get questions about them pretty frequently- but- in a non fancy blogger plot twist- my routine has actually been the same for years. I’ll sometimes mix it up with a new cream or mask, but I’ve kept my actual cleansing products the same for as long as I can remember.

I’m currently in New York for fashion week + I thought this would be a great time to share this with you because

  1. I’m wearing a ton of camera ready makeup, so these are the products that really help get my skin clean
  2. The bathroom at my hotel is so my jam [hello white brick] so why not grab a couple of pics + get a post out of it?!


If you’ve been a reader of mine for awhile, you know that Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes ARE MY FAVORITE. IM YELLING. CAPSLOCK BECAUSE IT’S REAL. [In case you didn’t know, I did a video on my channel last year with Neutrogena + Kerry Washington and I was obsessed with them before that, and I’m still obsessed with them now. Shameless plug to re-mention that I did a boss video on my channel with K-dubs and you can watch it by clicking here] they feel great and they are actually the only wipe that takes off all of my makeup [I’ve tried most of the other brands available in drugstores and they never actually get off my mascara / feel like I’m dragging my skin off. I’m trying to be lazy, not trying to age here].

So my routine is this- on camera makeup heavy days [aka, all of new york fashion week] I take off my makeup / oil / etc using the makeup wipes and then I follow it up with a gentle cleanser to really clean out my pores: the ultra gentle daily cleanser most days, or the deep clean gentle scrub for days I want to feel like I’m doing something special. But the key word here for my skin is gentle. I have very sensitive skin, my skin needs a ton of moisture / doesn’t react well to being dry, so these are my go to products ESPECIALLY with it being freezing / dry in NY. I like to do this double cleansing method [wipes-wash] because it leaves your skin exceptionally clean- no makeup. no oil. nothing left behind. I’m not someone who likes to use an intense face routine / use an electric brush etc and this double cleansing method works to really get everything off and leave my face 100% clean.


I also do the double-cleansing method to ensure that my skin is fully able to receive moisturizers / cream afterwards. Having any kind of makeup still left on would take away from the products I’m using and also sleeping in any kind of makeup is SO bad for your skin. That’s one thing I pride myself on- even though my routine is pretty chill, I’ll never fall asleep with makeup on. I’m not trynna get wrinkles here!

And that’s my cleansing routine! I’ve stuck by these products for so long + my skin has always been the best with them. The double cleanse method really leaves my skin clean, clear and glowing!

Do you have any staple products that you can’t live without? Any steps in your routine that you wouldn’t change? Let me know down below!


  1. Hey girl!

    I just wanted to say that I am absolutely in love with your youtube and blog! You inspired me to start my own channel and I have recently been taking my own blog more seriously as well. I post about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I watch your videos religiously and you are such an inspiration. Your snapchat gives me life. I am currently a junior in college in Texas, but my ultimate dream is to live in L.A. and be able to pursue a blogging/fashion related career. School is definitely not for me, but you have to do what you have to do right? I am pursuing a degree in broadcast media. This has been a tough year with just simply school and stuff going on in life. So I just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration and giving me something to smile about when watching your videos. By the way your insta theme slays. I am obsessed with black and white and your feed is actual goals. If you could reply with any tips you have for a new blogger/youtuber or even check out my videos/posts then that would be so cool. This is an ultimate dream that sometimes seems unattainable, but you somehow inspire me to keep going and doing what I love. My youtube name is @megantamplin and my blog is called

    I know it’s probably a long shot that you will even read this, but I just thought you should know how much I look up to you and enjoy your content! Have a good day!

  2. It was so nice meeting you in NYC!! 🙂 I am excited to try some of these products! I would love to see your full-face make up routine, or some of your favorite make-up products. 🙂

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