You know that I’m constantly switching up my nail designs + trying out new looks.
This week’s manicures is one of my favorite yet!

marblenails2 whitemarblenails

I love white marble- my coffee table is white marble, my youtube banner is white marble. I mean, it’s all of my favorite colors and instagram theme all rolled into one. Of course I love it. So it was only a matter of time until it made its way on to my nails!

My manicure is a gel manicure with two coats of white gel polish. Once the white polish was done, my nail artist used- wait for it- a permanent marker to create the marble design. What?! Crazy, right? We’ve all seen the marble nails created by dropping polish into water, but this version was done with a marker and some water.

To replicate: First she drew a black line with a permanent marker, then she sprayed water over it with a spray bottle. The marker began to run + turned that light grey color that you now see on the nails. She continued this process until we were happy with the design!

She finished with a gel top coat to set the marker.

Hope you guys enjoyed this polish post! Would love to know if you recreate this look!

14 thoughts on “WHITE MARBLE NAILS

  1. What marker did she use? And what kind of spray for the water because I can’t get this to work and this is definitely the nicest and easiest sounding one I’ve seen!! The marker either didn’t budge or it just formed droplets with the water on my nail 🙁

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