What To Wear To A Wedding + Gift Idea!

[ Dress: Tahari | Purse: Chanel | Heels: TJ Maxx | Sunglasses: Target ]

Summer means wedding season, which means wedding outfit anxiety. Here are some tips for choosing your perfect guest-of-wedding dress!

Go for a classic fit- something that shows off your figure while still being covered [avoid excessive cleavage and short hemlines]. Sheath dresses are my favorite fit!

Here is where you can have fun! Go for something seasonal- which means lots of fun, bright colors in summertime. I prefer solid colors to prints because they are the most classic, look the most flattering and can also be reworn as opposed to a statement fabric. Only REAL rule- do NOT wear white. Or any form of it [I don’t care if you really like that lacy ivory dress. It’s not your day].

Dresses like these are fitted and beautiful all while not detracting attention from the actual reason you’re wearing it- the ceremony.

Wedding Gift
I’ll let you in on my biggest wedding secret- my gifts always come from Tiffany’s.

You’re probably thinking ‘yeah great idea, except not everyone can afford Tiffany’s, otherwise we’d all be doing that’ but you CAN!

Tiffany’s actually has very affordable gifts for events like weddings. My gift of choice? A set of two champagne flutes with their personalized card saying ‘Cheers to You on Your Special Day’. Their most inexpensive flute costs only $20! What’s even better? It comes in a very large, very beautiful box.

What girl wouldn’t be excited to see a large Tiffany’s box on her wedding day?!

Hope these tips can help in your dress and gift search!

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