Backpacks have been my jam this season. I love being able to have a ton of stuff on me but have the flexibility of not having to actually hold it. I tend to keep my laptop with me during the day, and girl- there is no way I’m holding that in a bag on my arm. Hayell. No.


We’re not talking about your old Jansport here [except I’m going to pretend I’m cool because I had a black North Face backpack when I was in school. How fancy of me.] We’re talking about fashion backpacks. And the invention of fashion backpacks have been a lifesaver. I can fit my laptop, my planner [yes, I carry a physical planner] as well as all of my other electronics and throw it on my back and call it fashion. Yasssss. Here are some of my favorite backpacks for fall! bestfallbackpacks 1. Rebecca Minkoff: Julian 
2. Rebecca Minkoff: Mini MAB
3. Kate Spade: Charley 
4. Aldo Backpack
5. Grafea: Leather Hari

Are you as into backpacks as I am? Let me know!


  1. Girl, that picture is TOO good. I agree that backpacks are complete lifesavers – I’ve held my laptop around in a regular bag too many times haha! My favorite style from here has got to be the Julian. <3

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