Pack With Me!

hey guys! today’s post is super exciting because I’m actually going on VACATION weekend! What?! The last ‘vacation’ trip I took was back over NYE with my sister, so I’m excited to spend some time away with some of my favorite people.

I thought I would show you guys a peak into my suitcase as I pack [ok really I’m just having too much fun coming up with outfits and taking pictures is way more fun than actually packing, soo that’s where I’m at]

My suitcase as you can probably tell is pretty organized. I have packing cubes [which are LIFE SAVERS!] that keep all of your clothes together / help you pack more in small spaces / organize by type etc. I have a technology bag, and then I also have my beauty bag. I’m bringing my hair dryer with me [on top of my regular brushes] because we’ve rented a house for the weekend / not staying in a hotel so there won’t be a dryer already in the bathrooms. Tbh I’m not mad about that bc hotel hair dryers are the worst and my dryer is my favorite [it’s the 1907 by Fromm Zero7 Air Lightweight Dryer for those who like to know specifics]. I have extensions so I absolutely have to dry my hair after washing it or they will stay wet forever. Literally. 2 days could go by and my hair would still be damp. This dryer is really light weight/ is perfect for traveling. My styling brushes are also FROMM + you can probably guess why I love them- the metallic detailing! IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS! The Hot Paddle retains the heat from the blow dryer / helps speed up drying time as well [insert clapping hand emojis bc ain’t nobody got time]. The copper core thermal brush helps evenly dry your hair in less time as well and also leaves it with a really shiny finish.

Also packing my camera and planners for the week away because I’m definitely going to be shooting so many pictures / filming videos while I’m on this trip. I’ll be posting photos on my blog / instagram the whole week so you’ll be seeing those soon!

Click here to shop FROMM hair tools:

1907 by Fromm Zero7 Air Lightweight Dryer

1907 by Fromm Hot Paddle

1907 by Fromm Copper Core Thermal Brush

2 thoughts on “Pack With Me!

  1. Love the post, all your pictures are beautiful! Those hair tools look stunning as well. Def going to check them out xx.


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