Today’s restaurant profile comes out of downtown LA. If you follow me on snapchat, you know that I lovingly refer to DTLA as District 13 [because it’s practically a war zone!] but there’s actually a ton of cute coffee and brunch spots buried within all the craziness. Zinc is one of those places!

WHAT: Zinc Cafe
WHERE: 580 S Mateo St. Los Angeles
TRY: Breakfast Avocado Toast + poached eggs. Breakfast potatoes.



DTLA has a bunch of great places to stop + grab coffee and this is definitely one of the cutest. Think of this as the hipster’s Urth Caffe, because Urth is just so mainstream + you liked Urth way before it became insta-famous.

If you follow me on snap, you’ve also definitely seen me complain about this place. I went in after breakfast hours and asked for avocado toast, only to be told they didn’t have any and, despite the restaurant having both bread AND avocados, I couldn’t order it. Double you tee eff. I then saw avocado toast in the cafeteria style line and when I asked what exactly that special item was called, they looked at me and in all dead seriousness said:

“That’s our lunch avocado toast. You asked if you could have the breakfast avocado toast”.

I can’t.
[..but I can, and I am].

My favorite part: besides the fact that I can get avocado toast + a french press, I can GRAM the coffee the size of my face because THE TABLES ARE ALREADY GREY! You heard me. So on brand right now.

Downfall: No wifi. In all fairness, not many brunch restaurants typically have wifi, but I only mention the lack of it because otherwise I would definitely spend my work-from-home days out on their terrace posted up with MacDaddy + some coffee refills. The sadness.

Let me know if you try Zinc or any of my other brunch favs!



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