Summer Stripes

Cody surprised me on Sunday, saying he was going to take me to a secret date spot. So we go to church, get breakfast and head out to this secret spot. About a half hour in we see this huge cloud of smoke in the horizon and I’m jokingly like “Are you bringing me to a brush fire?” We pulled up to this drive and there were security guards at the bottom saying “Hey you can’t come here, we’re closing it”. Turns out there’s a really great view of the city from the spot and that’s actually where we were trying to go. It actually was closed because of the fire in the distance. So we turned around and drove all the way back. But at least I got dressed up on Sunday!

Summer Stripes Dress - Weekend / Date Outfit - Carly Cristman
Summer Stripes Dress - Weekend / Date Outfit - Carly Cristman

A lot of people were asking me where I bought this dress on Instagram. Unfortunately this striped dress is old/sold out, so I linked similar styles below. This style is perfect for a weekend with friends or a day date.

Grace Elements Cotton Chambray Off-The-Shoulder Dress • $64.99
Alice + Olivia Grazi Off-the-Shoulder Striped Maxi Dress • Alice + Olivia • $330
AQUA Off-the-Shoulder Striped Shift Dress – 100% Exclusive • Aqua • $30.60
lush Off-The-Shoulder Stripe Dress • Lush • $39.99
Caroline Constas Lou off-the-shoulder striped cotton-poplin dress • Caroline Constas • $485
Women’s Bardot Paloma Stripe Dress • Bardot • $109
Belted Striped Dress • Donna Morgan • $59.99
AQUA Off-the-Shoulder A-Line Dress – 100% Exclusive • Aqua • $78
River Island Womens Blue stripe print bardot swing dress • River Island • $76
GUESS Consuelo Dress • GUESS • $44.50
Moon River Off Shoulder Dress • Moon River • $90
The Jetset Diaries River Off Shoulder Dress • The Jetset Diaries • $231

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