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My Home Diary: New Curtains

The moment has arrived- I finally have curtains! [insert clapping hands emoji] [can we talk about when will the moment finally arrive that I can access emojis from my keyboard? Honestly] back to the curtains.. The reason it’s taken me SO LONG to hang curtains is because I’m a perfectionist [as you can probably tell […]

my home diary: my new coffee table

I have literally been on the hunt for a coffee table to match my new grey decor scheme for a year. I went back and forth between the shape and color I wanted, but all of the tables I looked at were just ‘eh’. I typically have an idea in mind for what I want, but I […]

Nail Polish Organization + Storage

I had been holding out on purchasing nail polish racks for years for many reasons… 1. I’m a bit of an organization psycho, so I figured having them on display would encourage me to buy polishes that I didn’t need or even want just to ‘complete my rainbow’ 2. Buying racks and hanging them is […]