Nail Polish Organization + Storage

I had been holding out on purchasing nail polish racks for years for many reasons…
1. I’m a bit of an organization psycho, so I figured having them on display would encourage me to buy polishes that I didn’t need or even want just to ‘complete my rainbow’
2. Buying racks and hanging them is straight up acknowledging how big of a problem I have
3. I’m a grown ass woman and I live in an apartment. Not a salon.

But then I realized, hey. You know what? I’m a grown ass woman. With a grown up apartment. And I actually have the ability to turn this room into every girls dream space. So you know what Imma do? Buy the racks. All of the racks.

So, here you go. My newly hung nail polish racks!

Carly Cristman Nail Polish Organization Racks

Carly Cristman Clear Nail Polish Racks

Essie Nail Polish Rack

Essie Nail Polish Collection

Ooooohkay. Really? Seriously.
emoji with tears

Need sunglasses to shield my eyes from the perfection. I literally just googled clear nail polish racks on amazon [click here for the similar racks] and found these perfect units. The sad part is that I already had ALL of these polishes and didn’t need to ‘complete my rainbow’ like I had thought. If anything, I feel like this will stop me from buying more polish because I have no space left.

I decided on hanging these racks on the space in between my built in closet and my walk in closet units. I had left that space open so the door could open and they fit perfectly behind it! I feel like this little space in the closet is the perfect home for my collection.

I still have polish not included on these racks, but their bottles didn’t make the cut. Girl’s gotta have standards.

Video update on this room coming soon!





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