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My New Morning Skincare Routine

Every morning, my [amazing] husband Cody wakes up earlier than I do, gets ready, and brings me coffee in bed. It’s quickly become one of my favorite tradition of ours and obviously my favorite way to be woken up! During the winter, it’s freezing in Chicago which makes it especially hard to get out of […]

Relaxing on Valentine’s Day

*Gets married- still spends Valentine’s Day alone in a bathtub* My husband has late night classes on Wednesdays, which means that on Valentine’s Day you can find me here- in my bath tub for the next hour with my favorite hair mask. I’ve been trying to revive my hair these last few months [I haven’t […]

Angled Chrome Manicure

My nails have been through a lot lately with all of the gel manicures and traveling, they’re broken and not in the best shape. But I love how this angled chrome manicure works great on my short nails.  I love that polish designs like this make my nails look a little bit longer than they really are! See […]