[My Wedding Diary] Getting Ready

If you haven’t seen my latest seen my latest YouTube video about my wedding and where I’ve been since then, please go check it out! Short version is I’ve been really sick so I’m only getting around now to sharing details about our wedding day.

I wanted to share some details from the morning of the wedding while getting ready with my bridesmaids. We had our hair and makeup done before we went around to some Chicago landmarks to take photos. It was so fun to be able to get ready with my best friends, but if you haven’t seen on my Instagram yet, I will be in the upcoming season of Say Yes To The Dress! So we actually had the camera crew with all of us getting ready at my apartment the morning of the big day.

Here I am the morning of my wedding, excited to change into my beautiful Pnina Tornai wedding dress!

I wore this beautiful robe from BHLDN while getting ready. They have a bunch of great robes and loungewear options to help you feel comfortable and pampered the morning of your ceremony. These would also be great options to bring with you on your honeymoon! Here are some of my favorites:

My bridesmaids robes are from Plum Pretty Sugar! They come in a range of colors but of course I picked the grey ones.

My bridesmaids started off my morning by bringing me coffee with the name as “Bride” it was such a cute surprise.

I’m excited to share more photos from our ceremony and I’ll be posting our wedding video when we get it from our videographer!

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