Our Honeymoon in Riviera Maya

You guys know that our wedding was this past fall on October 7th 2017. We knew we wouldn’t be able to take our honeymoon immediately after our wedding because Cody is a law student and he had very strict attendance rules [if he missed even one class of a certain class, he would be forced […]

[My Wedding Diary] Getting Ready

If you haven’t seen my latest seen my latest YouTube video about my wedding and where I’ve been since then, please go check it out! Short version is I’ve been really sick so I’m only getting around now to sharing details about our wedding day. I wanted to share some details from the morning of […]

How To Save Money While Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding as many of you know is REALLY expensive! If you’ve seen my video about how to save money, then you know I’m a big fan of the site Ebates and I’ve been using them to save money while planning for my upcoming wedding! I have used the site for over a year […]