Sick Day Thoughts


When you’re sick, the little things are everything. Suddenly the most simple things seem like the biggest treat in the world, like, taking a bath. Hot tea. The ability to breathe.

Man, I miss breathing.

I currently am battling a very persistent head cold. I’m channeling Jojo over here like ‘LEAVE! GET OUT! RIGHT NOW!’ and it’s all ‘I’m good!’. I’ve quarantined myself to my apartment for the last two days in attempts to get over this ASAP. When I get sick, I get sick. I’m very prone to sinus infections, and I’m also very allergic to medicine, which make for a very bad combination [yes, I meant to say very that many times]. I usually try to combat any sign of being sick early for that reason [maybe I should put up a post of all my essentials?] so I haven’t been in this position for quite some time.

My experience the last two days have left me with many realizations:

  1. “All of Me” by John Legend can be used to describe my relationship with my sectional, which, I’ve decided, was the best purchase I ever made. Love your curves and all your edges..
  2. I understand why I’m getting all those freaking candy crush invitations on facebook now because I too have resigned myself to playing that life suck of a game and there’s a point where you JUST CAN’T WIN UNLESS YOU INVITE YOUR FRIENDS [don’t worry. It’s not going to happen. Ever].
  3. I suddenly want to be incredibly productive because I no longer can be. Editing seems like the MOST FUN thing in the world, because it’s one thing I still can do. The video I posted today still needed to be edited two days ago, but why would I have done that when I could have gone to brunch?! Why can’t I transfer this excitement to deadline days?
  4. I am just so thankful for EVERYTHING. The little things, like being able to actually taste what you’re eating, seem so important when you no longer experience them. And the little things I am experiencing are just so. awesome.

So, with that, I thought I would write out some of the extremely little things that have made my sick day just that much more enjoyable.

  • My Morning Smoothies.
    waking up and drinking vegetables just makes me feel like I’ll be better ASAP. PS- add avocado to your smoothies. Life changing
  • Taking a Shower
    wow, I feel like a new human. I can breathe while I’m in the shower [partially due to the steam, partially due to my mentha body wash] and afterwards I’m just so thankful to not feel sick and gross. Also, I feel like I’ve accomplished something because I took a shower, people. That’s some real activity. I’d say ‘if only I had a bath tub to sleep in’, but this is a positive list.
  • Law + Order SVU being played all day long
    my dream. thank you, USA
  • Blankets
    they just FEEL better, you know? I just want to be wrapped in one all the time. How do I not feel like that all the time?
  • Peppermint Tea
    I am living on this stuff. So good.
  • Postmates
    I’m thankful for this app all of the time, but food delivery is 1000x better when you’re sick.
  • Buzzfeed and Gawker
    I have read every single article on both of them in the last two days. And taken every quiz. It says my favorite color is red, in case you were wondering. They’re wrong.
  • Clean Sheets
    nothing feels as good as my bed. nothing.
    minus my couch.
    that feels pretty awesome too.

Do you guys have any favorites for sick days? Or are you reading this and thinking ‘I don’t like ANYTHING when I’m sick because I’m SICK, hello!’ I tend to look for the best in every situation, the silver lining, if you will [hear that, buzzfeed? I like silver colored things]. Being negative about a situation doesn’t make it better, it only negatively affects your mood. It also can make you sick [seriously- stress can do crazy things to your health].

Hold up. Harry Potter is on TV! It’s a sick day miracle! Hope you guys could make sense of my sick day thoughts *waving emoji* byeee

14 thoughts on “Sick Day Thoughts

  1. No, but nothing brings me greater joy than reading your blog posts. I am always amazed at how hilarious you are! Love the John Legend and couch reference. I don’t think I will be able to listen to that song anymore lol. I recently stayed home sick because of a head cold and it was equally amazing and terrible. I couldn’t breath or hear or even swallow! But, it was kind of nice staying home and catching up on all of my blogs and youtube videos! There is always a silver lining! Hope you are feeling better!!

  2. I haven’t been sick in so long that I really cannot even remember my sick day essentials…… and of course now that I’ve said that, I’m gonna get sick tomorrow. LOL. But anyways, I love this post! Smoothies make me feel healthier too, except that I had an almond butter and banana smoothie the other day so I don’t know if that counts as healthy or just delicious. Also, I’m kiiiind of jealous of your all-day Law & Order SVU marathon….. hope you feel better!!!

    xo Sally

  3. Start I literally felt the same way as you not to long ago and wrote a post like this! I one hundred per cent agree with you on the whole being able to breathe, the first day my nose was clear was literally the best feeling in the world. Definitely going to have to try avocado in a smoothie. Hope your feeling better soon! xx

  4. I find I always get sick around this time of year. Maybe because the weather’s always up and down. One day It;s hot, one day it’s cold.. I don’t know. But this was really helpful, thank you Carly! I just recently started a fashion blog I’d love it if you guys check it out! now keep in mind, it’s not all profeshhh looking since I just started it and i’m still getting the hang of it haha 🙂 it’s:

  5. I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to girls like me. I feel like the stereotypical powerful women is supposed to be a lawyer or a doctor but I feel like you are dominating the world in a whole different way, I always thought I wanted to be a lawyer too but watching your videos inspired me to really follow what I want to do- fashion. Again, you are such an inspiration and keep doing what you are doing!

    Emily 🙂

  6. my sick day usually consists of binging on tv shows! you’re so right though, taking a shower makes you feel so much better, although it can exhaust you if you’re super sick.

    Hope you feel better!
    xo rebecca

  7. Peppermint Tea is one of my favorite go-tos when I’m feeling sick. Hope your’e feeling better! Just caught the new video – loved that you included Broods xoxo

  8. This post kind of made my day. Even though I am not currently sick I get like this when I am stressed too. I have midterms this week and next and I get so stressed I just don’t want to leave my bed (yikes! not good). I hope you get better soon but always know that Detective Bensen and Stabler will be there for you when you need them 🙂

    Annie Belle

  9. When I’m sick, Netflix is literally bae. *hair flip emoji* Showers are the best when I’m sick. It feels so good to wash off all the sweat I tend to accumulate while I’m dipping in and out of blanket covers. I’m hot and I’m cold, I’m yes and I’m no, I’m sleeping in then I’m out, I’m up then I’m down. KP <3 Get well soon! xx <—- (Because your tweet said it was okay)

  10. Carli, I sometimes get the impression that when my body gets sick it just wants to recover from all the stresses and routines of everyday life. My sickness essentials are books. All the way. And hot tea with honey and lemon. And garlic. And a lot of rest, so that I can get back to my everyday life as fresh as a daisy 🙂
    Love <3

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