DIY Tiffany’s Box Halloween Costume!

Here it is! I promised I would spend all my recovery time editing this tutorial and I MEANT IT! I even did this voice over with a completely swollen mouth- so forgive me if I sound a little tired!

I wore this DIY Tiffany’s Box Halloween Costume when I was 21. My sister, my roommate and I went as a group of Tiffany’s boxes! We knew we wanted to wear a fun costume, but wanted something different than the typical ‘sexy’ options [sexy lady bug! sexy hot dog! sexy SEXY!] [what?]. Seriously. I never understood the costumes like ‘sexy forest nymph’ [I’m sorry, there’s no way someone is going to spot you across the room and think ‘omg, look at that FOREST NYMPH costume!’]. We decided to go with this extremely girly, pretty, yet totally recognizable costume. Watch the video below to see how to create this look!


What You Need
1. Teal Satin Fabric
2. Teal Thread
3. Teal Zipper
4. White Ribbon

Not Pictured:
When I wore this costume originally, we all used Tiffany’s bags as our purses for the evening. Totally finishes off the look! If you don’t have a bag, you can go to the store and ask for one [I heard that they charge $10 for the bag? I still think it’s worth it when you realize the total cost of your costume is still way less than one found in a store!]

Don’t be afraid to alter this to fit your style! You can find a similar dress and just tie ribbons around it, or you could make a different style [like with straps] and customize it to what you’re comfortable with. Make sure to send me a picture if you recreate this look! I’d love to see how yours turns out 🙂


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