Little White Dress + L’Oreal League

I told you that I really feeling white lace rn + this little white dress is maybe my favorite one yet. I love that it has that current crop top vibe while also being covered + unique with this white lace /and the high neck- I LOVE the high neck! [As always, I have some similar options linked down below if you’re looking for some little white dress inspo]

I wore this dress to a kickoff dinner in NY for the L’Oreal League. I met with the President of the company + everyone who works for L’Oreal Paris and they are a dream. Seriously. I probably overstayed my welcome at all of the events because I just loved hanging out with them so much! It was such a crazy moment for me because they were all laughing that this rooftop / weather / skyline was so ‘Carly’s aesthetic’ and on the outside I was like ‘hahahah yeah I know right’ but on the inside I was like ‘L’Oreal knows my aesthetic. This is crazy‘. I’m now officially part of the L’Oreal Paris family and that is so unreal / such an honor to be saying! little white dress little white dress

Dress: Blessed Are The Meek, Shoes: Valentino

little white dress

bless’ed are the meek Splice Dress • Bless’ed Are The Meek • $93
bless’ed are the meek Eternal Strapless Dress • Bless’ed Are The Meek • $170
Bless’ed are the meek ravine playsuit • Bless’ed Are The Meek • $274
FOREVER 21 blessed are the meek cutout back dress • Forever 21 • $125.99
FOREVER 21 blessed are the meek angular cutout romper • Forever 21 • $129.99
FOREVER 21 blessed are the meek open-knit midi dress • Forever 21 • $125.99

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